Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Review

So many changes for our family in 2011. So lets begin with the youngest.
School year 2010-2011 was his final year of high school.
Football season didn't quite turn out like he wanted but he gave it 110% every game he played.
 His winter season was weights and preparing for track.
Track season proved to be good this year. He had great success in the 100, 200, 400, and medley relay. He qualified for State in all events and gave it his best as always.

I think the one thing Chase may miss most about high school would be talking to Coach T and teasing Jill Porter. I think Chase was one of the few students that could tease the principal and not get kicked out of school.
During the summer he worked for Nebo School District.
He started college in the fall at USU. He enjoyed it there but decided to transfer to Snow College for the remainder of the year.
School year 2010 -2011 was the end of her Cheerleading Career. After two years of All-Star Cheer, four years of high school cheer, and two years of college cheer it was finally over. It was a great experience and she was the best cheerleader ever.
She is attending Snow college this year and has earned her Associates Degree. She has decided to be a PE teacher and will transfer to a different school next year. She has made some great friends at Snow.
She is currently dating Colten Jorgensen from Mount Pleasant.
As for me it has been a major change. After 20 years in Sevier County I moved back to Salem. I left my job and lots of friends in the hope of making a better life for myself. I enjoy being closer to family. Kim & Bruce have been kind enough to let me take over a corner in their basement and have been a great support in my schooling.
I started working for Salem High School as a lunch lady in September. I love it and it is a perfect job to have while going to school.
I am currently going to school at UVU in Early Childhood Education. I hope to transfer to another university to finish a Bachelors in Special Education. Going back to college at my age was one of the scarriest things I have ever done. I have really enjoyed it and hope to continue pulling good grades. I just wish I could finish faster.

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